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Who We Are

We are Lighthouse Practice Management Group, a dental software company dedicated to a single philosophy: the only way to ensure the business side of dentistry is run at maximum efficiency and profitability is to install processes that are truly automated. It's difficult to get people to do new things; it's very difficult to get them to do things consistently; it's practically impossible to get them to do things without errors. Automation is the key that frees up the "people" in the practice to do what they do best - interact with patients. We have decades of experience creating practice management software, the hands-on management of a million dollar dental practice, and one-on-one consulting for hundreds of practices. At Lighthouse Practice Management Group, we don't just think we know what it's like to run a dental practice. We live it every day. We know the business of dentistry, and we automate it!

Brian Smith

Co-Founder and CEO

Joel Kozikowski

Co-Founder and CTO

Allen Jorgensen

Co-Founder and CFO

Our Story

Lighthouse founders Brian Smith and Joel Kozikowski are the original creators of PracticeWorks. In 1993, they had a vision of a computer system designed specifically for digital dentistry that would not just supplement but would truly automate administrative and clinical processes. It was not enough to "computerize" a practice the way most dental software did. With computerization, someone still had to know that a particular task had to be done, they had to know when it was time to perform the task, and had to know exactly how to use the computer to do it. To truly automate a system, software needed to be taught how to perform a task completely. In the automated scenario, people simply react to any exceptions brought to their attention. Normal cases are handled with no human interaction. Brian and Joel spent the next nine years in their first attempt to develop software that could do that.

Lighthouse founder Allen Jorgensen was one of the earliest adopters of PracticeWorks. In 1994, he took his knowledge of business processes and administration that he had learned in 15 years of international computer and telecommunications experience, and he applied it to every aspect of his wife's newly opened dental practice. Seventeen years later, the Jorgensens have built an almost completely automated, incredibly efficient, low stress, highly profitable, seven-figure general dental practice: North Gwinnett Dental Care.

In 2002, this unique group teamed up to form the Lighthouse Practice Management Group, with the mission of ensuring that all dental practices have access to the knowledge and technology needed to perform their jobs in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Nowhere else will you find such in-depth knowledge and experience of dental technology from a single source.

The experience of this group represents:

  • 61 years of combined dental industry experience
  • 36 years of business process development experience
  • 21 years of experience in the development of one of the nation's leading practice management systems: PracticeWorks
  • 32 years of commercial software development experience
  • 17 years of dental practice ownership and management
  • 21 years of software training experience
  • 11 years of Internet software development experience

For the first four years of Lighthouse PMG's existence, Allen, Brian, and Joel performed in-office consulting and presented seminars around the country, teaching hundreds of dental practices how to run their offices more effectively while simultaneously reducing both their work levels and their stress levels. During this period, they perfected techniques for managing the schedule, patient recall, and account receivables. It was during this time that the Perfect Recall, Reactivation and other systems that are now part of Lighthouse 360 were refined.

In 2006, after almost a year of development, Lighthouse introduced Lighthouse 360, a suite of electronic services designed specifically for dental practices to deliver on the promise of true automation. Since then, our team has grown to a large group of professionals staffing our development, configuration, design, training, and technical support departments.