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Hansen Family Dental: Doing More Thanks to Lighthouse 360

Beth Nicole Damon, Office Manager/RDA at Hansen Family Dental in Pasco, Washington, had used several different patient communication solutions in her time at the practice—but none of them were quite what she was looking for. When Lighthouse 360 offered a free demo, Damon quickly realized, “[Lighthouse] offers more than any other company does.”

Unlike most patient communication software, Lighthouse 360 doesn’t require a long-term contract—just a month-to-month subscription. Knowing she wasn’t going to be locked in made it easier for Damon to switch. 

Recall, Reactivation, and Email Marketing Features

The ability to automatically contact dormant patients with reactivation letters was the first feature that caught Damon’s eye. “Having the option to send an activation letter or inactivate the patient is really helpful.” The recall feature, which automatically contacts patients who are due for a hygiene appointment, is another favorite time-saving tool. 

Prior to Lighthouse 360, Hansen Family Dental wasn’t maximizing the potential of email marketing. Now, Lighthouse 360’s user-friendly email features and templates make it easy to create and send targeted email communications. “I love being able to send out campaigns when we’re running a special or have a new product,” says Damon. 

Helping the Practice Cope with COVID-19

Hansen Family Dental has been using Lighthouse 360 for about three years, but the software has proved its value in new ways during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Online Bill Pay feature allowing patients to pay on the practice’s website has been especially helpful. “We’ve never had an online payment option before,” Damon says, “but with the [pandemic], we’ve had to evolve.” 

The two-way texting feature makes pre-screening patients for COVID symptoms simple. Damon likes it for other reasons, too. “A lot of patients can’t answer their phones [or] prefer text,” she explains. “If you’re trying to confirm an appointment and they haven’t responded, you can reach out that one last time by text [and usually get a response].” 

Speaking of responsiveness, Damon has nothing but raves for Lighthouse 360’s customer service team. “Customer service is really streamlined, and I’m able to get a response the same day.”

Spend Time on Relationships, Not Phone Calls

With one dentist, herself and one other front desk employee, and an average of 40 patients per day, Hansen Family Dental is a busy place. Damon says Lighthouse 360 is like having “a whole other person” on the team. Instead of spending hours on the phone, the front desk can focus on more important things, like building patient relationships. For example, her co-worker, who’s also a dental assistant, now has time to step in and help with patient care when needed to keep the office on schedule.

Asked what she would tell other office managers considering Lighthouse 360, Damon laughs: “I’d tell them, ‘You need to get it!’ ” 


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