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Kanawha Valley Dental Group: Saving Hours a Day Thanks to Lighthouse 360

After over 35 years in practice at Kanawha Valley Dental Group in St. Albans, West Virginia, Craig Spicer, DDS, had plenty of patients and a busy schedule. His staff was busy, too—busy making phone calls, that is. 

Kanawha Valley Dental Group sees 40 to 60 patients per day. Calling every patient to confirm or reschedule appointments or fill cancellations “was almost a full-time job,” says office manager Amber Goff. But without the calls, many patients wouldn’t show up and chairs would go unfilled. 

“It takes a lot of time out of the day to have to call everybody and make sure everybody remembers their appointment,” Goff says. But she knew there was a better way: Lighthouse 360. 

More Time for What Matters 

Goff had used Lighthouse 360 in other dental offices where she’s worked and had always been very happy with it. Now that Kanawha Valley Dental Group is using it too, the two front desk employees finally have time for more important tasks than making phone calls. “[Lighthouse 360] probably saves us at least 4 to 5 hours per day,” Goff estimates. 

The texting feature of Lighthouse 360 is what Goff appreciates most. “We love the texting feature. When we need to let a patient know we had a cancellation, it’s easier and faster to text [than to call]. Plus, in this day and age, people prefer a text to a phone call.”

Fast, Easy Patient Communications 

Goff’s team saves even more time by sending mass texts and mass emails for patient communications that would previously have required phone calls. For example, to ensure patient safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, “we sent out a mass email letting patients know our criteria for appointments so that everyone knew what to expect before they came in,” Goff says. 

For dental office managers considering their patient communication software options, Goff enthusiastically recommends Lighthouse 360: “It will definitely make your life easier!”



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