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Pecan Park Family Dentistry

Inefficient Approach

Kelly Cates, office manager at Austin-based Pecan Park Family Dentistry was frustrated with the amount of time she spent leaving voicemails for patients who didn’t call her back to confirm appointments. As a result, Kelly and her staff found it challenging to keep on top of their other responsibilities around the office. Kelly knew that Pecan Park needed a better way to manage appointment reminders and recognized that “patients prefer modern technology, electronic communication like texts and emails. No one wants to talk on the phone anymore.”

The Lighthouse Approach

Kelly was hesitant about Lighthouse at first simply because she wasn’t sure if it would be worth the monthly investment. Kelly had worked at another dental office that used a different patient communication system and hadn’t been impressed, but Lighthouse offered more.

Pecan Park couldn’t be more pleased with their Lighthouse experience. The last minute text message reminders have been particularly helpful: “Show rate is higher and some patients have told me they would have missed their appointments if they hadn’t seen the text,” Kelly explained.

Enjoying the Benefits

Kelly also loves how user-friendly the system is and has noticed improved efficiency in the office. “Throughout the day we can just click through the schedule and see confirmed appointments. It’s very beneficial that none of us have to do last minute things for appointment reminders anymore.”

Another beneficial feature is the patient review requests that Lighthouse sends out on Pecan Park’s behalf. “I like that it’s set up automatically and it’s good to get the feedback from patients so we know what to improve or continue doing,” Kelly shared.

It’s safe to say that Kelly and the staff at Pecan Park definitely see the value in Lighthouse. Kelly spreads the word whenever she can: “I tell other practices to consider using Lighthouse. It’s amazing. I wouldn’t recommend any other option.”


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