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Personal Attention Dental Center

Searching for Efficiency

Dr. Pete Windham, a Florida-based dentist in practice for over 30 years, knew he needed a stronger patient communication system after realizing how many hours were going into confirming every patient’s appointment. “Before Lighthouse, we did everything manually. It was very labor intensive for staff and very costly,” Dr. Windham says. He needed a more efficient way to reduce broken appointments and a support team that was able to show him how to better manage his entire communication system.

Improving the Practice

Dr. Windham ultimately determined that Lighthouse was the best solution for his practice. “I had used other software before Lighthouse but it’s like comparing a bicycle to a Lamborghini.” Dr. Windham specifically says Lighthouse’s email and text message confirmations have drastically improved his show rate. “Lighthouse makes me money by keeping my chair full.”

In addition to cost efficiency, Lighthouse has also helped to improve customer service. Instead of working extra hours to make phone calls and confirm appointments, the staff is now instead able to focus on patients while they’re in the office. Dr. Windham feels the amount of stress off the front desk has changed their practice tremendously. “We don’t have to worry about tomorrow anymore because we know Lighthouse is going to tell us what we have to do by the afternoon before.”

The Ultimate Support System

Since using Lighthouse, Dr. Windham has seen other positive changes as well. “Our practice has greatly benefited from the patient reviews feature that is part of the Lighthouse offerings. Online reviews help us rank higher with search engines and also allow us to start a dialogue with our patients about the feedback we receive,” he says. He uses feedback as a learning tool for staff and to check against his overall goals for the office.

Dr. Windham says that Lighthouse has become the ultimate support system for his business and he would advise other dental practices to give it a try. “I have the utmost trust and confidence in Lighthouse. If you’re serious about the business of dentistry and about helping people then it’s a no brainer to use Lighthouse.”


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