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Patient FastTrack (online forms) - Now for Return Patients!

This new functionality can be added to your account today!

Patient FastTrack Training Video | Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is how it works:

  • If an existing patient has NOT been seen in your office for over 6 months, they will be sent a text 7 days before their appointment asking them to update any information that has changed .
  • When the patient clicks the link in the text, they will need to verify their identity by entering their birthdate before they can access their information(see below):
  • They will then have the ability to update their information that has changed since their last visit( online forms will look the same as your new patient forms, except it will be populated with their current information).
  • If the patient has updated their form, you will receive a notification with their PDF information in the portal.
  • If your existing patient has been to the office within the last 6 months, they will not receive the text.


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