Prioritize Patient Experiences with a Smart Phone System

PhoneSight the all-in-one phone system can help you improve patient relationships to grow your business like never before.

PhoneSight, an add-on to Lighthouse, helps you communicate with patients in a personalized way. It’s a flexible cloud phone system that integrates with your PMS to help reduce cancellations, increase the number of appointments, and grow your patient base.

  • Make phone time count: immediately identify callers and collect missing info or payments.
  • Choose custom hold music or messages that inform patients of specials and services
  • Never miss a call again; auto attendants answer with a custom greeting and options that help callers reach the right person
  • Get actionable information with each call as PhoneSight pulls caller details from your PMS.
  • Make better business decisions by seeing patterns, like when to increase staff for heavy call times.

Call today to find out how you can improve your office’s communication and increase patient satisfaction — even when your office is closed.

  • "If you’re considering patient communication software, Fareno has one thing to say: Lighthouse 360 is a great investment in your office."

    - Fareno Dental

  • "I recommend Lighthouse 360 to office managers all the time. Their customer service is excellent. They are patient-focused, customer-focused, and their product is user-friendly for our staff. Partnering with Lighthouse 360 has been one of the best decisions we have ever made."

    - Weaver Reckner Reinhart Dental Associates

  • "Lighthouse 360 has more than paid for itself. They have helped us to keep patients in the chair. They have helped up us to minimize broken appointments. They have increased our bottom line."

    - Personal Attention Dental Center