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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Lighthouse PhoneSight is a robust internet phone hardware and software solution that integrates with your Practice Management Software to create a smart phone system that helps your team be more efficient and connect with patients in meaningful ways.
  • There are a lot of variables at play, such as, how many phone lines, what type of phones would be the best fit for your office. On a demonstration, we will walk you through our PhoneSight platform and figure out what best meets your needs and generate a quote for your practice. While it varies, typically the PhoneSight system presents a cost savings from a traditional phone system. 
  • Average savings we’ve seen for our clients is between 20-40%.
  • You can port (transfer) your current business phone number directly to your LMI account. If you’d like a new phone number, you can create unlimited numbers and extensions at any time. The number porting process depends on many factors, such as how long it takes for your current carrier to confirm the transfer. 
  • Yes. Phones are purchased and are yours to keep. 
  • Yes. Your PBX in the cloud will continue to handle calls 24/7/365. Calls will ring on mobile devices for those team members who download the GoToConnect app. If call forwarding is set up, calls will be forwarded. 
  •  If it’s a specific VoIP concern/issue with phones, reach out to LMI directly at 1-833-851-8340 (1-805-617-7080). If it’s an issue with our Lighthouse Beacon application or the Call Pop functionality, reach out to Lighthouse Support at 855-886-5748. You can always call Lighthouse support and we can help point you in the best direction.  

We are available Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm EST.

Call us: 888-921-2112 or Email Us: [email protected]

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